This is sure to be the most relaxing hour of your life. If you're a yogi, think of it as an hour of deep savasana. Reiki serves to bring the energy centers of the body into balance. You'll leave feeling like a different person.

1 hr



Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching sessions provide you the support you need on your journey. While you spend time clarifying your Divine Path, spiritual life coaching aligns your steps with your highest interest. This is especially recommended when what you want feels unclear, and you crave the tools to figure things out for yourself. Each session is uniquely formed using tools such as guided meditation, reiki, and connecting with spiritual guides.

$75 / $200


Private Yoga Lesson

Take your practice to the next level by scheduling one on one sessions with a member of our team.  This option is desirable for anyone recovering from injury, wanting to focus on something specific (hello arm balances), or anyone wanting a more tailored experience.

1 hr