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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

w/ Everlimitless Yoga

Find fulfillment & purpose as a yoga teacher 
Are you looking for a deeper connection to yourself, your yoga practice or your community? Through your yoga teacher training journey, you will gain confidence in your skills, find your unique voice as a teacher, and fulfill your life’s purpose. 

Our multidisciplinary training approach combines Vinyasa and Bhakti yoga practices. Whichever teaching path you choose, you will become a conduit in the community — bringing a heart-centered approach of yoga and sense of fellowship to your students. 

At the completion of your training, you will have strengthened your understanding of yoga, discovered deep feelings of purpose and connection, and experienced personal transformation. Your experience will move beyond becoming a yoga teacher, and evolve into a journey of self exploration.

Join us starting January 2024 and find your purpose!
Click the button below for details and to register.

*limited partial scholarships are available for BIPOC and LGBT+ community members.

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