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NYL operates as a yoga studio, while being a hub for wellness-oriented individuals in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Our mission is to make wellness accessible to our community.

In terms of yoga classes, we cater to all practitioners of all levels with several different styles of yoga. Here you can find daily yoga classes to fit your needs, including $12 community classes and a $55 one-month intro special. 

As human beings, we crave interaction with others - it's just a part of who

we are. It's also healthy for us. The studio space is cozy, and thus it is a more interactive and intimate experience than many of the larger studios around.

At NYL we help establish better and more frequent human

connections and a stronger sense of community through various events like sound baths, reiki trainings, lunar ceremonies, and more.


This is a space for people to connect, to share, to express, to heal, to de-stress, and to learn from and with each other. It's about community. And it's about love - both for life and for each other.

Through the various events and activities we offer, our hope is to provide a variety of ways for people to engage in social exchange and connection and in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable coming for whatever it is they need - healing, exercise, self expression, community, new friends, good food and drinks, time way from the chaos of everyday life...

So join us for whatever it is you seek: A good stretch. A workout. Time away from the chaos. More strength. Stillness. More self love. More inner peace. A better ability to navigate through life's potholes. Physical, mental, spiritual healing. Less stress. A sense of community. A sense of feeling like you are a part of the bigger picture... whatever you need to live a better, healthier, and happier life.


Become a part of this conscious community of individuals, seeking to bring more peace, joy, and purpose to our lives, our city, and the world. 


Jessalyn Oxford

Vinyasa Flow / Advanced Vinyasa Flow / AcroYoga

Jessalyn (she/her) is a professionally trained and internationally renowned coach, teacher, and performer of partner and aerial acrobatics with 17+ years of experience. She specialize in Partner Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand, Corde Lisse (aerial rope), Icarian, AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga, and Adagio.  I also teach the following styles of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial, and Adaptive Yoga.

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